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VSys Web allows your volunteers to register themselves online through a web portal, as well as view their job assignments, mandates and hours credited. You can also allow them to enter hours they worked off site and submit them to you for approval.

We host that site for you, or you can self-host it on your own systems in your own dedicated environment. Your copy of VSys connects to your SQL Server database hosted on the server. This is a "disconnected" system in that the website does not have live access to your local VSys One database; it has the benefit of not requiring a full-time fixed network connection. VSys Web is entirely optional: you only use it if you want to provide access by volunteers to the system. All of the rest of VSys One's functionality and tools work great without VSys Web!

Try our demo VSys Web system here

VSys Live

A more advanced web interface for your volunteers is VSys Live: it gives your volunteers tools for searching and self-selecting jobs and trainings, hours entry, updating their own information, sending and receiving messages, taking online trainings, and is directly (live) connected to your database for immediate updates. More information about VSys Web vs. VSys Live:
VSys Web vs. VSys Live