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The VSys Live Kiosk runs in a browser, just like VSys Live. But the VSys Live Kiosk is meant to be fast and simple: check in, check out, get to work! Since it works in any modern web browser, you can:

  • Use inexpensive tablets placed at convenient locations. (And if one gets stolen, they were cheap: you've got spares!)
  • Publish it on your internal WiFi so that volunteers can use their own devices, but only on-site.
  • Set up hotspots at your big event to speed the checkin process.

The VSys Live Kiosk allows your volunteers to log in, then depending on your settings:

  • View their messages
  • Send messages
  • Check in and out of assignments
  • See their schedules
  • View their hours
  • Screening surveys

VSys Live Kiosk: Login
VSys Live Kiosk: Checkin
VSys Live Kiosk: Checkin confirm
VSys Live Kiosk: COVID survey