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VSys Lite is the streamlined version of VSys so many of our customers have asked for. It's VSys One's little brother: same family, familiar appearance, most of the same DNA but smaller and easier to carry around. VSys Lite can be used in conjunction with VSys One by staff members who don't need access to the depth of features in VSys One. VSys Lite lets you give your staff just the tools and access they need. VSys Lite is designed to be easy to use and customizable - with lower licensing and support costs.

VSys Lite is based on VSys One's concept of "tool profiles". Tool profiles let you define the user interface by dragging and dropping tools onto the screen that each staff member will use. Here's some of what your staff can do with VSys Lite:

  • Mange people with person lookup and profile editor, including sending e-mails and SMS/text messages
  • Update addresses
  • Access and process custom application forms
  • Print reports (only pre-defined reports that were saved in VSys One)
  • Mark bad phone numbers
  • Handle bad e-mails
  • Generate reminders
  • Read and answer incoming messages
  • Credit volunteer hours
  • Approve/reject volunteer-entered hours
  • Assist volunteer checkin
  • See who's missing
  • View who's signed in
  • Find job opportunities
  • Fill job slots
  • View recently cancelled assignments
  • View/edit job assignments in bulk

(You customize what each tool profile looks like and control what tools show on each screen with VSys Lite.)

Download the VSys Lite spec sheet.