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Multiple Agencies & Departments

Give agencies access to their own volunteers, let them make and manage job postings and run their own reports while you manage the overall process. (They can even have their own websites, fully integrated into the same database.)

Be Part of Your Community

Use the Community Partner Portal to let trusted local organizations post opportunities for your employees and manage their assignments & hours.


Send e-mail, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and RSS. Integrate with your existing websites to spread the word.

Recruit Volunteers Online

Use applications that you define, asking your questions, and following your rules. Have one or multiple applications, and let prospective volunteers choose their preferred sites and departments.

Track and Report Hours

Log hours online, via kiosk, or from attendance lists. Report them by department, site, job, activity, group, demographics, community served and much more!


Use online scheduling, skills, preferences, requirements and restrictions to make that perfect match and know that every shift is filled by the right people.

Demographics and Reporting

Who, what, where and when: use the hundreds of built-in reports or design & extend your own. Add unlimited custom fields and properties.