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VSys for Museums and Performing Arts gives you

  • Individual, group, school and corporate volunteering
  • Group leaders forward links to approved opportunities to their members.
  • Custom registration forms for each type of group or engagement
  • System automatically emails qualified volunteers for empty positions.
  • Scheduling can be done by managers and / or volunteers
  • Supervisors can review / approve hours
  • Hours can be entered via cell phones (touch-less!), kiosks, tablets or stations.
  • Tools for sharing stories and experiences
  • Self-run reports are automatically emailed to administrators
  • Custom Awards and recognition
  • Complete online trainings (optional module)


VSys Live uses a flexible framework that's entirely modular, where the features and tools can be added, changed and arranged. VSys Live can be configured to use your own styles, look like your existing intranet, and set up to show only what you want to your staff. No unnecessary bells and whistles, but plenty of power where you need it.

Multiple Departments & Programs on the Same Database

Maybe you have multiple organizational units or sites sharing the same database but want to give each their own unique looking site? Or want to give different tools to different types of volunteers?


Use any of the 200+ reports in VSys to analyze your volunteers quickly and easily. For example,

  • Summarize volunteered hours and unique volunteers by program or location last year.
  • Count and view all volunteers who participated in a particular type of project.
  • Compare one department or program's hours against another.
  • Report the value of all hours by location, broken down by year and quarter. With VSys One's built-in analysis tools and flexible reporting system, the possibilities are endless.